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Smart Saver Card

VIRGARA’S SMART SAVER CARD – Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

Effective: 4th September 2021

Virgara Fruit & Veg’s Smart Saver Card is the customer loyalty program which Virgara Fruit & Veg operates throughout South Australia. By registering as a member, scanning your Smart Saver Card in store or using any other membership facility or using or attempting to earn, access or use any member benefits, you agree that these Terms and Conditions will apply to you in respect of the Smart Saver Card program.

1a. Who can become a Smart Saver Card member?

You need to be an individual and have a current Australian residential address to become a Smart Saver Card member.

1b. Can I use same Smart Saver Card at Gawler and Angle Vale Store?

Not at this stage, you can only use Smart Saver Card either at Gawler or Angle Vale Store where you applied for and earned your points.

1c. Can I transfer my card points from Angle Vale to Gawler Store or Vice Versa?

If your circumstances has changed and wish to transfer your credit points to either store, please email your details with card number to and we will transfer your credit points within 7 days.

2. How do I register to become a Smart Saver Card member?

You can join by:

  1. download the form from our website and return to our store or email at; Download Form Here or
  2. complete the form available in store

3. How much is the cost to become a Smart Saver Card member.

Membership is free.

4. What if I don’t want to register myself as a member?

If you don’t want to register as a member, you may not be able to take advantage of any Member Benefits.

5. What are the Smart Saver Card Points? What is the value of Points?

You can earn 1 Point on each Dollar spent in store. There is no minimum spend requirements to redeem the earned points. You can earn $2 in Smart Saver Points on every $100 purchase in store. For example, if you spend $2000 instore in multiple purchases, you can earn 2000 Points. This gives you $40 off a future shop at our store. You will earn a minimum of 1 Point for every whole dollar you spend in store. Please note, Smart Saver Card points are not available for online shopping at this stage.

So, $2000 instore shopping = 2000 Points = $40 off a future shop!

6. How do I earn Points?

You can scan your Smart Saver Card in-store at the checkout prior to the conclusion of the transaction. If you do not scan your Smart Saver Card at the checkout before the transaction is finalised, you will not earn Points on that shop.

7. How and when can I redeem my Smart Saver Card Dollars?

You can use your points as automatic savings off your future shop. Please note, points can’t be converted in cash.

You will be prompted at the in-store checkout to decide whether or not you want to redeem your Smart Saver Card Dollars on your first eligible shop or whether you want to keep your Smart Saver Card Dollars savings for redemption against a future eligible shop.

8. On what purchase can I not redeem my balance?

Smart Saver Card Dollars cannot be redeemed on purchases made online at this stage.

9. Is there a maximum number of Smart Saver Card points that I can have in my account?

You cannot have more than 10,000 Smart Saver Card points or in your account.

10. Will my Points expire?

Yes, any unused points expire 12 months from the date on which you last scanned your Smart Saver Card in our store.

11. Where can I check my Points balance?

You can check the Points balance in your account at checkout in our store.

12. Besides Points, what are other benefits I could qualify for as a Smart Saver Card member?

You may qualify for our specials and promotions and exclusive members only offers from time to time. These could include member-only discounts, newsletters, automatic entry into prize draw competitions and exclusive personalised offers from us or our associated businesses. If at any time you do not wish to receive these offers for Member Benefits offered by any of our businesses you can contact our store and unsubscribe from relevant email or text message that you have received from us.

13. What happens if my Smart Saver Card is lost or stolen?

If you report your Smart Saver Card lost or stolen, you will be issued with a new replacement Card at $10.00 fees.

14. How do I cancel my Smart Saver Card?

You can cancel your Smart Saver Card by surrendering it at our store. You will stop earning Points from the date of cancellation of your card.

15. Can these T&Cs be changed or terminated?

Yes, we may change, suspend or terminate these T&Cs or the Smart Saver Card program at any time without notice.

16. Who do I contact if I have a complaint or query?

If you have any queries or complaints regarding the Smart Saver Card program, please contact us in-store or email us at

17. We reserve the right to monitor your purchase history to ensure that any Member Benefits are accumulated legitimately. We reserve the right at any time without notice to:

  • decline to issue Smart Saver Cards or provide any other Membership Facilities;
  • withdraw or cancel any Smart Saver Cards, other Membership Facilities or Member Benefits;
  • reverse any Member Benefits, including any Points credited to an account;
  • terminate your Smart Saver Card membership; or
  • terminate the Smart Saver Card program.

Grounds for doing any of the above include if you (or someone using your Smart Saver Card or account details):

  • abuse, misuse or attempt to abuse or misuse your membership, your card, the Smart Saver Card program, any offers for Member Benefits or anything else associated with Virgara Fruit & Veg or it’s associated businesses;
  • do anything that is contrary to these Terms & Conditions;
  • fraudulently accumulate Points or other Member Benefits;
  • use or attempt to use your card or Smart Saver Card Dollars, Points or any other Member Benefits, for purchases made by a person other than you, the cardholder;
  • engage in unacceptable conduct in connection with your membership, which will be deemed to include if we have a reasonable suspicion of conduct by you which amounts to dishonesty, fraud or wrongful conduct;
  • become bankrupt or die; or
  • have not scanned your card for a continuous period of 12 month.
  • Any tampering with or defacing of or unauthorised use of a Smart Saver Card will render the card invalid.

On cancellation of your membership (including through requested cancellation of your Smart Saver Card), we may retain your membership information for record-keeping purposes and, in de-identified form, for our general data analysis purposes. We may allocate to another member any membership identifier (including number) previously allocated to you.

You agree that, except to the extent that these Terms & Conditions expressly provide otherwise, we do not need to notify you in advance, or give you any reasons, with regard to any action we take concerning your membership.


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