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Massel Stock Cubes 105g


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Massel Stock Cubes 105g


Our Ultracube Stock Cubes are salt reduced, so they are perfect if you are watching your sodium intake or simply wanting a healthier diet.

If you use Massel Ultracubes in your cooking you don’t need to add salt as well. Put more flavor and less salt in your food with Massel gluten-free bouillon.

How to use

One Ultracube makes 500ml of stock. Simply add to hot water and stir.

  • Drink pure for a delicious consommé
  • Use as the base for any soup or stew
  • Add noodles and vegetables for a delicious soup
  • Use as a flavor boost for risotto, rice pilaf, polenta, paella, quinoa or couscous
  • Use as the flavor base in sauces
  • Mix with extra virgin olive oil and use to bake your vegetables
  • Substitute for salt in any recipe for a tastier, healthier result.

For more quick dinner ideas and easy healthy recipes using Massel gluten-free bouillon cubes, including gluten-free recipes and vegan recipes.

Almost every memorable dish starts with great quality ingredients. Our premium quality gluten-free bouillon made with vegetables, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt give your food a foundation of fantastic flavor.


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